The Pollock Twins: Proof of Reincarnation?

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Some of the biggest mysteries in our world’s history just don’t seem to be real, and this is no different, the Pollock Twins were two girls who lived in England and for many, they are the definitive proof that there is life after death. The main people that were to witness this evidence were the twins parents, John and Florence Pollock. They had two daughters, Joanna, 11, and Jacqueline, 6. On May 5, 1957, the two children were tragically killed in a car accident. The parents were reasonably desolated by that very tragic accident.

The case of Jennifer and Gillian Pollock

Florence got pregnant a year after the twins were killed and gave birth to twin girls in 1958 on October 4th. the Twins that were born were identical twins however each of the twins had some identifying birthmarks. The first twin Jennifer had a birthmark on a waste the strangely matched a similar birthmark of the Jacqueline had. In an equally anyway she also had a birthmark on her forehead that was very closely similar to a scar that Jacqueline had previously.

But I’m both of the twins were three months old the family had moved over to Whitley Bay only two years later both of the girls began asking for toys that were very similar to What the older sisters have once used both the twins had never seen his toys before but was strangely asking for them. Eventually the family return to Hexham where the twins even though never having been there before it started to point out landmarks there their older sisters would have known in an even more creepy fashion they had an insatiable fear of cars and we even quoted as shouting the car is coming after us. Once both the twins 8 and 5 they’re memories of the previous live starting to fade and both of them went on to lead fairly normal lives.

The research of Dr Stevenson on both of the Pollock twins

Because of the twins incredibly strange case, it eventually attracted the attention of Dr Ian Stevenson a psychologist who studied in the field of reincarnation within children. In 1987 he was well known for writing a book don’t buy the title of children who remember previous lives a question of reincarnation. Is in that book he mentions many cases and which she feels reincarnation has occurred one such case is the Pollock twins.

Stevenson had a strong background in reincarnation full to have studied it for over 40 years during the time he investigated more than 1000 cases however here is where his believability starts to fade the majority of his research was conducted in mainly Asian countries in which the belief in reincarnation was very strong his way of explaining this was so there was no biased in parents would discourage a child from talking about past lives he concluded that children were the best test studies for such subject as they will be much less influenced to make up elaborate stories about past lives.

So how popular is reincarnation

as we covered earlier in this article a lot of people do believe in reincarnation especially in children, from this case John Pollock believed in reincarnation for the rest of his life and a lot of religions use this as a structural belief within their religious beliefs such as Hinduism. Reincarnation is very easy to understand essentially people live more than one life and unlike other religions, they don’t suffer or gain from either eternal punishment or good.

The issue with reincarnation is that the majority of cases always have a loophole especially in adults Dr Stephenson and concluded in many of his research journals the adults became very easily influenced by TV, movies and other things they have seen in their life so far. he stated it was obvious that many of the cases he inspected in which adults claim to have been reincarnated were more figments of their imagination and much less based on facts. However is interesting looking at children to describe places have been in all situations that the previous siblings would have been under with amazing accuracy even though they shouldn’t know these facts.

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