Proof of the paranormal? The 7 Most Creepy Convincing Ghost Videos Ever Filmed

The Internet has become start with so-called real ghost videos and even for those who don’t believe in the supernatural or paranormal you have to admit the something very creepy about the slight possibility the what you’re seeing could be real videos are more convincing than others there’s no real way to prove either way whether they’re real or fake this is 7 of the most convincing ghost videos ever taken.

Fallen Angel of Catalonia

Quite possibly one of the most famous ghost videos on our list there is little to no information on this video other than where was shot originally uploaded to YouTube and 2006 the strange footage follows to Mendes explorers tonight only to eventually stumble across the creature that many have described as a fallen Angel this creepy and baffling video continues to mystify to This day.

The Blackburn ghost

The Blackburn ghost video went viral in 2015 originally starting on YouTube it managed to make it all the way to the top news channels across the world. The video which was originally shot by a couple driving down a lane on a mobile phone appears to show a pale hunched over figure chase their car.

Haunted hospital in Honduras

The following video emerges on the Internet in 2016 and was originally captured in a haunted hospital following clip shows a ghostly figure appearing out of nowhere and then slowly disappearing whilst walking the dimly lit corridor in the hospital. The hospital question apparently played host to a doctor who committed suicide many years earlier post is reported by many to horn the building to this day and is known to make the lights flickering rooms where patients are staying.

Disneyland Ghost [Disneyland Resort California]

The following ghostly video was taken over security cameras monitor at Disneyland and appears to show war many would say is a ghost walking around the grounds at night. You can roll around camera area is this ghost was captured by many cameras around the site on the same night.

The haunting of room 209

The following video was recorded on September 14th, 2003 at the Wingate Hotel by the security manager who was standing watch at the time. People staying at the hotel began calling in with noise complaints to the front desk with many reporting that loud screaming was coming from the second floor of the hotel in one particular room 209. Here is the video shot on that night.

London Underground sighting

The following ghostly video was filmed in Knightsbridge station on the London Underground system. The mysterious video appears to show a slightly hazy figure of a man jumping onto the tracks shortly before the station.

Horton mine ghost

This YouTuber and Explorer gives accounts of the following video as he was exploring the Horton mine Nevada. Here are the following words he had to say about his experience.

“I had a startling encounter with the supernatural while exploring the abandoned Horton Mine located near the massive Victorine Mine in Nevada. The Horton Mine dates back to the mid-1800s. I have been inside over a hundred abandoned mines, but this one was definitely the creepiest. As I ventured hesitantly down the tunnel, it felt more and more wrong. You’ll see in the video the supernatural occurrence that caused me to ultimately turn around and head back out of the tunnel.”

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