Most haunted villages around the world

Villages often regarded as quiet small places where the atmosphere is full of history. However sometimes that history can come back to haunt the town and in the cases the village is making a list here leave them at some of the most sinister and plagued places in the world

Bramshott England

As many will know one of the most regarded and highly haunted places in the UK is of pluckley village. However head another 90 minutes down the road and you come across very strange haunted village called Bramshott. The village itself has been around since before 1086 by the 17 hundreds the village had an in call seven thorns where a variety of crimes took place,   Including murder.

Roughly around the same time that these violent crimes were happening the sightings of the paranormal began and continue to the story contained within the village of Bramshott is believed to be 17 ghost including mistress buttler who apparently dwells around the river in which she drowned herself in 1745.

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Borgvattnet Sweden

This village located in northern Sweden is apparently known to have one of the most haunted houses in the whole country. The original old vicarage was constructive in 1976 and reports of ghost came in as early as 1927 when the chaplain of the time nils headland reported his clothes being pulled down from the washing line by an unseen hand. Following that in the 1930s a priest witnessed an old woman appeared in his room when he tried to follow her she quickly disappeared and later in 1945 another chaplain by the name of Eric lingren reported a disturbing occurrence in which he was thrown out of his chair on multiple occasions by an entity he could not see.

Reports of the Ports of paranormal continue to this day

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Lawers Scotland

Although the only remnants of the village of lawers in Scotland are that of ruins the side has recently been put up for sale however this offer does come with a warning the village was apparently and allegedly cursed by the Lady of Lawers. The lady who was identified as a soothsayer from the 17th century is reported to have cursed an ash tree on the site. A former by the name of John Campbell cut down the cursed tree in 1895 and shortly after was horrifically God by his own ball he subsequently died from his injuries and the neighbour who attempted to help him was mysteriously sent to An insane mental institution. To this day records of a female figure walking around the land continue.

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Voltri Italy

A monk’s the very small village of voltage in Italy stands an ominous looking house next to an all too familiar winding road was once and in reportedly owned by a family that suffered from mental issues. Is reported that the family would drop heavy objects on the sleeping customers who would then later died terrible deaths by you for being crushed or suffocated to death its reported that they would then steal from the dead guests over that be there money or belongings before piling the bodies into a mass grave.

This is still reported to this day that the victim spirit walks around the very ominous house unable to move on.

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Oradour-Sur-glane France

On June 10th 1944 the Nazis invaded the village of Oradour-sur-glane. They went on to separate the women and children from the men after which they brutally shot the man in the legs and then disposed of them by lighting them on fire. Only 5 of the men managed to escape the Killing scene. The soldiers then we’re done to show the women and children with machine guns and grenades as a failed gas bomb left them without other options. After all of this killing, the soldiers then went on to decimate all of the surrounding houses by lighting them on fire. Winter new village was established in 1958 many of the new residents refuse to step on the ruins of the old Village claiming that they could see the spirits of the dead children women and men roaming the streets at night and many recorded the foul stench of burning flesh and wood coming from the old Village.

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