Famous Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Actually Spend A Night In

Is easy to book hotel room without really knowing what forms at hotels history think about how many times have you booked a room on knowingly without researching the place before. Just take a look at some of the hotel room you can stay in have the dog and very mysterious histories.

The pink room Chillingham Castle UK

One of the most chilling parts of this castle is history is it’s long and bloody stories. Over the many centuries of its existence many were tortured and even executed in many cases on the estate with methods we don’t bare thinking about in our modern world. The pink room is for two pin especially terrifying as it is supposedly haunted by a mysterious spirit.

One of the primary manifestations of this coast is flashing blue lights that can be seen strangely when the spirit is present as a result of this the spirit has been best known as Blue boy.

Room 333 Langham hotel London UK

The Langham hotel in United Kingdom has played host to some of the most noteworthy guests in the world, including Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain. And of course it carries the sinister past in particular room 333. There have been many sightings of a man in Victorian era clothing walking towards guests while they sleep in bed,  description by many is that he has his arms outstretched with no eyes. Before quickly vanishing into thin air, even stranger is the fact the only appears during the month of October as you can imagine a very popular month to book.

Room 3,9 and 23 airth Castle Scotland

There are many reports of spirits in this hotel for some of the most haunted rooms in the Castle what’s it to be haunted by the ghost of both two children and a nanny who reportedly died in a fire. Mysterious children’s voices can be heard coming from rooms with no one in them, to come to a mysterious stop when someone enters the room.

However many horror stories of this hotel there are, one of the more elaborate is that of a phantom dog roams the castle is hallways and even knowing to nip at visitors ankles.

Room 302 hotel del Coronado California United States

Just a few hours after checking into room 302 the dead body of Kate Morgan was mysteriously found with a gunshot wound to her head. There is a lot of mystery around her suicide and many feel the foul play occurred. This is because the bullet that was found in her wound did not match that of the gun that was in a hand something that many would identify as a staged suicide. And it seems that to this day her restless spirit is still looking for answers many who stay in room 300 and to have experienced the TV in the room turning on and off and some have even witnessed a woman’s figure standing at the window during the night.

Rooms 612 and 325 Hawthorne hotel Salem Massachusetts

Liverpool to go to the horns bathroom 612 and 325 in the Hawthorne hotel has been responsible for a variety of paranormal events. The main spirit is set to be a woman and its claims she is responsible for turning on and off lights in the middle and even stealing physical objects such as keys and other small items is also the sinister sound of children crying in the middle of the night which adds a very chilling twist to this haunted location.

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