England’s Most Violent Poltergeist – The Black Monk House

England is a country steeped in history, it comes to no surprise then that stories of the paranormal stretch back millennia. However modern stories tend to almost always come from the US, mostly because of haunting such as the Amityville house. However, England might have its own “Amityville house” in the Black Mon House.

The documented evidence within the Black Monk House began in 1966 when the Pritchard family unknowingly moved in. Joe, the father was the first to have made contact with the paranormal in the house. He experienced a dark apparition standing over their bed, however, that was not the end of the strange activity in the house, whilst everyone was gone siblings Sarah and Phillip both 12 at the time experienced some very strange phenomena in the house.

Mysterious pools of water began to formulate on the floors and to their shock kept reappearing even after they had attempted to clear it up. There was also the strange phenomena of chalk dust falling from the ceiling as if something was disturbing it all across the house.

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This was just the beginning after this experience family members began to experience lights mysteriously flickering and turning off and on their own.  This poltergeist also showed itself to be very physical, on a few occasions objects would come tumbling down their stairs, at one point it even managed to throw a potted plant, straight down their stairs. More sinisterly, the family photo’s that were hanging on the walls began to have slashes through them, possibly showing the poltergeists discontent with the family being there.

Finally, one of the strangest pieces of phenomena they began to experience was green goo, seeping out of their facets, there obviously was no good reason why this would happen and it was purely confined to this house.

of course, this all stirred up a whole bunch of interest from both the media and paranormal enthusiasts. Many were taken aback by the claims, some were so scared by the stories that they would stay clear of the house, however, a large majority of the investigating press framed this whole story as a hoax. During this time the poltergeist is thought to have reached its peak level of aggression, physically attacking family members, whether that be slaps, punches or shoves.

[Image via 30eastdrive.com] Taken during a recent visit to 30 East Drive, is this the Black Monk,
This activity reached such an impasse that the family had to seek the help of the catholic church, however, after only 1 attempted exorcism, the spirit became so violent that it was dangerous to be in the house. This is when the attention turned back to the paranormal investigators. Many came up with the idea of looking into the history of the house to see whether there was any link to a dark past.

What they managed to discover is that during the 1500’s the was located on top of the town gallows, however even creepier was that during this period a monk was sentenced to death at the gallows for killing a young girl. From this point on many believed this evil spirit to be that of the monk killed 100’s of years earlier.

News of the hauntings stopped shortly after when the Pritchard finally moved out. In 2012 the movie “When The Lights Went Out” was released depicting the events that happened there

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