7 Old Time Photographs That Captured the Supernatural

Photography has allowed the human race to capture some of the world’s most amazing moments, from pictures in space to simple family events. However this extraordinary invention has also allowed us to take pictures that should just not exist. Here were goign to list 11 Old Time Photographs That Captured the Supernatural.

The Little Girl with No Face

[Image via paranormal360.co.uk] Image credit Szigeti Gyöngyi.
The following photograph looks like nothing more than just a simple posing photograph. Taken in 1943 this initially innocent photograph doesn’t seem to show anything out of the ordinary. That is until you observe the background of the image, as you can see there seems to be another girl in the photograph. the strange part is the figure does not seem to have a face or any arms.

The Crawling Skeleton

[Image via complex.com]
This photo was taken by the father of the child you can see in the photograph.  As you can see the strangest element of this photograph is the freaking skeleton crawling through the shot. What’s even creepier is by looking at the kids eyes you can see that she seems to see the skeleton in real time.

The Virgin Mary

[Image via examiner.com]
The family of the young girl in this photograph were extremely shocked when they examined a seemingly innocent photograph to find an extra unknown figure in the image. The family said that at the time their daughter was suffering of leukemia and see the figure as a guardian angel.

Family Visitor

[Image via paranormal.about.com]
This family taken of a womans grandmother in 1997 truly puzzled the family. When they took the photograph they insisted that the man seemingly looking on in the background was not there, however as you can see when it was developed there is a clear male figure behind the woman in the picture. The family eventually identified this man as the womans late husband who had died 10 years earlier.

Wedding Day Ghost

[Image via paranormal.about.com]
This happy couple had just tied the knot, seemingly one of the happiest days of their lives. However from the haunting image in the background it seems that not everyone was accepting. As you can see in the second view there seems to be a figure in the background that seems to be running at the couple whilst appearing to scream.

The Family Reunion

[Image via reddit.com]
This lovely family photograph has only one problem. The female figure nestled in the middle of the groups was not supposed to be there. None of the family felt the presence when the picture was being taken, however many of them identified the ghost as something they recognise seeing frequently in their house when they were growing up.

The Ghost Bear

[Image via paranormal.about.com] Photo credit Sandra McLachlan
Not something you see everyday, a ghost bear I know. However what makes this photograph even more conclusive is that the man in the centre of the photograph was actually sectioned simply because he was having visions. Were they visions or was he really seeing ghosts of bears.

Thanks for reading the article. This was just a small snippet of some of the strangest photographs out there. dont worry were goign to have plenty more collections of strange and unexplainable photographs.

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