6 of the creepiest EVP ever captured on tape

For as long as the technology has been around or desire to communicate with those who have passed away has been a huge part of our history. Long gone are the days of psychics in a modern world just about anyone can attempt direct contact with the other side.

It still remains vague on whether or not EVP audio is truly communication with the dead or something else entirely however one thing we can all agree is the results you get out of these chilling recordings of very spine chilling.


One of the worlds most famous hotels lives in Colorado and what is famously known as the Stanley hotel. It has long been associated with this otherworldly guests and mysterious going on is and was even the inspiration behind Stephen kings horror novel the shining in the following video clip you about see from the ghost hunters TV show you hear what is quite possibly one of the creepiest greetings from apparent spirit.

The sally house investigation

Sally house is one of the most well-known well respected and well documented haunted houses in America. Many of the world’s most followed paranormal investigation groups going there. However, one of the most prominent and well-documented cases of EVP’s been captured in the sally house was caught by the team at live sci-fi when back in 2012 they hosted a full night live broadcast of them in the house the following video is the chilling EVP is a capture that night.

Linda Vista hospital “we are not dead”

The following EVP was captured by one of the most well renowned American research groups the American paranormal research Association who back in January 2010 took part in a paranormal restoration of the Linda Vista community hospital. The following EVP’s were captured in the hospital’s hallway in the basement which leads directly to the morgue. The investigators asked how the spirits were associated with the hospital and the following EVP was what they picked up In reply.

“Help us”

The following DVD was captured by the American paranormal research Association in 2010 when they were investigating a board the Queen Mary ship reportedly to be one of the most haunted ships in the whole world.

They investigated large portions of shipped however when they came across the first class pool area that how to move this case is captured what they thought was a woman’s voice: desperately for help the area in which to capture the CVP has been reported by many visitors to be notoriously haunted people regularly seeing apparitions of both women and children and men.

“I’m one down here”

The following EVP was captured during a paranormal investigation of the cafe sports in Swinton Greater Manchester United Kingdom in 2011. The creepy recording the captured was that of a whispering voice calling for the investigators to come down into the basement. That’s creepy on its own however one of the main sceptics in the group was standing directly beside the recorder reportedly heard no voices.

Villsca axe murder house

In 2009 the world paranormal team American Paranormal research Association investigated the notoriously haunted village skip axe murder house. And as you’re about to see it definitely didn’t disappoint. Well the caption appears to be the chilling voices of the more family pleading for their lives.

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