5 Terrifying Haunted Places To Visit In London

London sits as one of the world oldest cities, So it comes to no surprise that inch for inch it stands as what many believe to be the most haunted city in the world. From local, pubs to medieval castles and theatres lets take a look at the most haunted places that you can visit in London, Enjoy.

Ten Bells Pub

Ten bells pub has been in the spotlight many times in the past with the paranormal community, this is because it has strong links with Jack the ripper, many have even claimed to have captured the sinister reenactments of his crimes and more prominently the ghostly voices of his victims. More sinister activity has come in the form of laughter on the top floor of the pub and repeated physical attacks.

St Bartholomew’s Hospital

The hospital was originally founded in 1123 part of the nearby St. Bartholomew’s monastery and is today the oldest hospital still standing at its original site. Like many hospitals, it has had its fair share of ghostly occurrences. One report is that of a ghostly nurse making trips around the wards of critically ill patients, in some cases offering them refreshments. However, it wouldn’t be one of the most prominently haunted places in London with just that, one of the more sinister reports is of a murdered nurse who resides in one of the hospitals many lift systems. Sinister reports suggest that the lift is intentionally played about with, only to work again when passengers resort to the stairs.

Bank tube station

Bank tube station stood as one of the original underground stations in London, originally being built in. 1898. It didn’t take long after its construction for ghostly accounts to start. The most ominous is that of the Black Nun. Rumour has it that it is Sarah Whitehead who’s husband was hanged for fraud. It is sad that this drove her crazy, in some instances, she would still go up to people asking them where her husband was. People often report to a general feeling of sadness when seeing her spirit, however, it would be wrong to pin this all on one spirit, the station is also reported to sit above mass plague death graves and was even the place of death for more than 40 bombing victims in world war 2.

Highgate Cemetery

This massive cemetery was originally opened in 1839 as one of the most prominent modern burial grounds in London at the time. As it sits today it is host to around 53,000 graves with more than 150,000 deceased with all of the same historic structures and elements of the historic cemetery. However, it goes without saying that this is the perfect recipe for a haunting. Something very sinister is said to haunt the cemetery with many reporting ghostly shadows and prominently the sighting of a man in the form of a grey figure that many call the Highgate vampire.   

50 Berkeley Square

This four-story townhouse located in the centre of London was constructed in the 18th century for the current times prime minister. After his death, it was then occupied by an elderly woman, shortly after that.

The four-story, brick townhouse at Number 50 Berkeley Square in Mayfair was constructed in the late 18th century for Britain’s Prime Minister. After his death, an elderly woman lived there, and it was then rented in 1859 by an eccentric Mr Myers. After being jilted at the altar, he slowly went mad, and Number 50 fell into disrepair. Rumour spread of an attic room haunted by a tortured youth, murdered child, or monstrous man. Soon, legends abounded of maids and soldiers alike going mad after staying in the house. In one story, two sailors who entered the home unaware of its reputation awoke to a monstrous presence and fled, but one tripped and died from head trauma. By 1998, 50 Berkeley Square was both the oldest unaltered building and most haunted house in London.

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