4 Unsolved Cases Involving Mysterious People

Some of the world biggest mysteries have mysterious people at the center of them. Over the years incredibly strange, missing people cases have puzzled the best investigators and detectives. These chilling stories prove just that, showing us that these stories remain unsolved even after countless years of thorough investigating. Let’s take a look at the mysterious world of missing people.

Jerome of Sandy Cove

On September 8, 1863, a horrific discovery was made on the beach of Sandycove are in Nova Scotia. what people People found beside a large rock was a man who had been partially amputee of both his legs, even more, mysterious was what was beside him. next to Mum with the following content; A jug of water a tin of biscuits and nothing more. As the man was still alive attempts were made to try and speak to him, however, the contact seemed to go in one ear and out the other, with the only words coming out were mumbling of a word that sounded like Jerome.

The green children of woolpit

In the very average 12 century village of woolpit in Suffolk England. A Very strange incident took place. It is alleged that two young children emerge from a pit that would commonly at the time be used to trap wolves. Nothing strange so far… However, when they emerged from the pit the skin had a very strange green tint is also alleged that the children were dressed in clothing that no one had ever seen before and fabric that was not even recognized. Make this even stranger is reported to the spoken language that no one had even heard before and therefore no one could understand what they’re saying.

The children were later adopted by one of the local landowners and after much persistence, they manage to make the girl understand English enough for her to explain the strange story of where she and her brother came from. Explained that her brother came from an underground system full of people that look much the same as them, she went on to say that they were out holding Monday and both of them fell into a large pit eventually the light appeared and they both followed it until the end of the line they emerged from the wolf trap pit. This was the only story they had and no one else can explain any further whether children really were from.

The Toledo Clubber

Toledo Ohio was just about the scariest place to live in the 1920s terrifying murders cases of fires in bombings all rattled what was then very common town. However, all of these instances were reported to be. Cause by one person that Toledo Clubber. Crime started starting fires and bombings however as he realized he was getting attention they began to escalate suddenly coming to move on to more violent crimes like murder.

One particularly active week was in November where at least nine women my thoughts have been raped by an unknown man I need to be left for dead after being clubbed by a large object. However just as quickly as these new violent crimes began they instantly stopped, however, no one was ever apprehended for the crimes and the identity of the clubber remains a mystery.

The Somerton man

On Somerton Beach back in 1948 investigators came across the grizzly body of a murdered man shortly after this was the first clue they found in a car very close parked by the beach was a book that had paper it was torn from it. Inside was a phone number and a handwritten cipher.

Mysteriously the number belongs to a woman named Jessica Thompson and nurse who resided in Summerton. When investigated she claims she never known the mysterious man, however, neighbors nearby claim to the just days before he was found he was seen knocking on her door. To make this even more mysterious when Thompson eventually passed away her daughter came forward claiming that all along her mother was the former Soviet spy who apparently had an affair with the mysterious man.

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