4 Secret Space Conspiracies

Space is such a vast and unforgiving landscape that the human race is yet to fully conquer. Some of the human races biggest leaps, however, have been leaving our own planet, as seen with the moon landings and the space station. However, there are some who believe the human race has done much more and we, the general public are being lied to and deceived by the powers at be. In this post we are going to look at 4 secret space conspiracies, enjoy.

Project Horizon

In 2014, a set of national archive files were made public, these files accurately detailed the possible plan of setting up a permanent base on the moon. However, the idea of this mission was not to further human kinds expansion into space. Its unique date landed around the cold war. Therefore the main concept was to use it as an advantage over the Soviet Union during the cold war.

Solar Warden

The Solar Warden theory states that there are a fleet of enemy or friendly spaceships that encircle both our earth and the entire solar system. Some believe this is designed to keep us safe from aliens by the government, others believe it is the world’s elite looking to colonise space. Sceptics, on the other hand, believe that such a fleet would cost a considerable amount of money to make and with our current technology would also be impossible.

X-37B Spacecraft

X-37B was already orbiting the earth for 12 months by may 2016. However the strange point in all of this is that the general public at large did not know a thing about it mission and the reason for it being in the Earths orbit. further controversy was spurred when NASA refused to speak on the matter. Its yet to be seen what the full extent of the mission is and whether that was for simple or malicious reasons.

The Apollo 20 Mission To Ancient Alien Moon Base

Videos began surfacing in 2007  apparently showing footage from a secret undisclosed NASA space mission, many others have since come forward claiming they were involved in the mission some have even gone as far as saying they were in contact with and examined alien craft and bodies.

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